Mobile Phone Spying 101: The Phone Spy Software

Mobile Phone SpyingSmart phones are widely used by people nowadays and this is due to its advanced functions and capabilities. But in order to know the truth, several individuals are now using phone spy software to provide them with the evidence they need.
What is a phone spy?

A phone spy is an android keylogger application you install on any Smart phone and it lets you track the activities of your spouse, employees or even your kids through their phones. It is a monitoring tool installed in a target phone which runs in a stealth mode. It records all the activities and turns it to logs. All recorded logs will be sent to a secured server and you will need to access your online account to check these logs.

Standard features of a phone spy:

  • Call Recording – call logs are uploaded to your account and let you hear the actual phone conversation.
  • GPS Locator – lets you view the current location and the travel route of the monitored phone.
  • Track Email and SMS Messages– allows you to track every email or SMS messages received and sent on the target phone.
  • URL Tracking – allows you to look at the sites that user had visited and this will also include the exact web pages.
  • Picture and Video Log – lets you look at the photos and videos on the memory of the smart phone.

Who can use this?

Phone spy is actually designed to monitor your partner, kids or employees without them knowing it. This app is highly recommended for parents who want to know the truth about their children or business owners who want to track the efficiency of their employees.In fact, these phone spy applications are always undetectable. It works secretly and silently while the data from the target phone is being uploaded to your online account.
Nevertheless, there’s a limit on how you can use this software. You need to understand that you can only spy on the mobile phone that you own, because if you use this app to spy on a phone that belongs to another person then you are breaking the law.